Submission | 欢迎投稿

Submission Procedure 投稿流程

Template Download | 模板下载

The abstract\full papers should adhere to the Template! Author can choose from the templates listed as follows:

Abstract Template(Only for Presenter)

Abstract Template for Oral Presentation || Abstract Template for Poster Presentation

Full Paper Template(Only for Author)

Full Paper Template (Mircrosoft Word) || Full Paper Template(Latex)

Note | 注意事项

1) The paper should be no less than 8 pages (single column); 全文稿件页数应不少于8页(单栏);

2) The manuscript should be written in accordance with the standard of template; 投稿前请严格按照模板排版; 

Submission Methods | 投稿方式

Please log in the Electronic Submission System to submit your full paper or abstract.

1) First-time users should register a account firstly, then upload your paper to the system. Previous users can log in the CMT system directly.
首次使用需先注册投稿账号,然后上传文章至系统即可。 已有账号者则直接登录即可。

2) If your paper need to be updated, please send to conference email directly, please do not update in Electronic Submission System.

For any inquiry about the conference, please feel free to contact us at: 

Peer Review Instruction | 同行评审

All the submitted papers will be peer reviewed, and each paper will be peer reviewed by 2-3 experts. It takes 20-30 days for the result coming out. If the paper needs revising, it should be resubmited for peer review again. Submitted papers are evaluated using a double-blind review process for originality, relevance, and presentation. Reviewers for a paper will be kept anonymous.

  • 1) Manuscripts must be written in English; 稿件必须用英文书写;
  • 2) The manuscript should be written in accordance with the standard of template; 稿件按照模板标准书写;
  • 3) The topics of paper should be relevant to conference topics;论文主题应与会议主题相关;
  • 4) Plagiarism and Duplicate submission are prohibited;  禁止抄袭和重复提交;
  • 5) Innovation and scientific value is a must. 稿件需具有一定的创新和科学价值。


Policy on multiple Submission | 一稿多投条例

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. If an author is found to commit an act of plagiarism, the following acts of sanction will be taken:

  • a. Reject the article submitted or delete the article from the final publications;
  • b. Report the authors violation to his/her supervisor(s) and affiliated institution(s).;
  • c. Report the authors violation to the appropriate overseeing office of academic ethics and research funding agency.;
  • d. Reserve the right to publish the authors name(s), the title of the article, the name(s) of the affiliated institution and the details of misconduct, etc. of the plagiarist.

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